Thyroid scan-Uptake

Evaluation of hyperthyroidism (differentiating between Graves’ disease and thyroiditis).Evaluation of thyroid nodule.Evaluation of congenital hypothyroidism. Ectopic thyroid tissue.

Patients with disturbed thyroid hormonal profile.Patients with nodular gland/ neck swelling.New-born with elevated TSH level

Pregnancy Recent IV CT contrast within 6-8 weeks before the study.

Thyroid hormonal profile.Neck ultrasound.

Well hydrated.Cessation of anti-thyroid treatments or thyroid replacement therapy.

IV Cannula will be inserted for tracer injection. Radioactive material (Tc-99) will be injected.Imaging will be started 15-30 minutes after injection.You will lie with neck extended in an open sided gamma camera. Anterior and oblique images will be obtained.Imaging will last for 15-20 min.

At our branches in Mohnadessen, Heliopolis and New Cairo.

Keep away from children (less than 10 years) and pregnant ladies for 24 hrs after injection. If you are nursing, cessation of lactation with pump the breast for only 24 hours.