Thallium scan

PET/CT study is an advanced functional imaging using specific radioactive drugs. It is widely used in the field of oncology as well other medical conditions.

PSMA is used in the assessment of prostate cancer. PSMA can be labeled with Gallium and more recently with Fluorine. Fluorine-PSMA is a cyclotron product compared to Gallium which is laboratory product. Thus Fluorine-PSMA is more pure, highly sensitive and specific and gives a superior images. Alfa scan can provide PSMA in Gallium and Fluorine labeling.

PET/CT imaging depends on scanning the radioactive compound from the body, that is why it is crucial to give enough time and appropriate dose to patients. In Alfa scan we follow the international guidelines and the highest standard to ensure the best imaging quality. Our medical reports are generated by a committee of internationally recognized radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians.

To ensure the best medical service, all our scanners are regularly updated form the biggest medical technology companies to have Hi-resolution, Hi-definition and DR studies.


If treating physician requested Contrast CT and the creatinine level is high


Normal creatinine level

The study

PET/CT study is a combined exam of PET part imaged about 1 hour after administration of the radioactive drugs and a CT scan, in most cases performed after injection of contrast material

After care

Good hydration is advised after the exam.

The amount of radioactive drug is small, however, it is advised to avoid close contact with children and pregnant women for the rest of the exam day.

Reservation is required for PET/CT studies as the Radioactive drugs should be ordered one day before the test.

PET/CT exam is available in Mohandiseen, Helioples, Maadi and New cairo branches.