MSCT Of The Urinary Tract (CTUT)

MSCT of the urinary tract can easily detect urinary tract stones site, size and attenuation.It also helps detection of much smaller renal gravels.It also gives a good idea about the dilatation of the pelvi-calyceal systems (backpressure changes).It also helps detection of prostatic enlargement and its effect on the urinary tract.

Patients with renal colic, suspected renal, ureteric and UB stones.

As in any CT, exposure to radiation is contraindicated in pregnant women.
Well hydration and drinking good quantity of water (in the center) helping reach a full urinary bladder.

CTUT is a simple technique that ends in less than 1 min. You just lie comfortably on the CT bed with arms above your head, and when you ordered stay still, and the scan is done through your abdomen and pelvis.

The examination can be done at any of our widely available CT machines t any of our branches.