MSCT Heart

  1. MSCT plays an important role in the evaluation of patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) for proper selection of the management plan
  2. Provides high-quality two- and three-dimensional images of the heart and great vessels so allows accurate delineation of the features of the cardiovascular system prior to cardiac surgeries.
  3. Assessment and follow up of the patient after cardiac surgery
All patients, in all age groups with suspected congenital heart disease
Fasting 2-6 hours before the examination (according to age), Lab: creatinine test

After IV injection of calculated dose of non ionic contrast, ECG gated ultra rapid Scan of the whole thorax is done.

Thorough processing of the initial axial images is then done for providing accurate 2D and 3D images of the heart and great vessels. Associated detailed descriptive report of the morphological and pathological features is enclosed with.

The examination is performed on the fast 256 MDCT machine in Mohandseen branch (for pediatrics who needs anesthesia during the study) and in all branches if the patient is adult