MR Elastography Of The Liver

  1. MR elastography helps in grading the degrees by which your disease condition eg., viral hepatitis has affected your liver parenchyma.
  2. It helps in early detection of liver fibrosis.
  3. It also helps in evaluating the nature of your liver lesion whether its benign or malignant.
  4. It helps in quantification of hepatic fat contents.
  • Patients with chronic liver diseases e.g, viral hepatitis B and C and fatty liver
  • Only if you can’t get and MRI due to pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator implants; then you can shift to US fibroscan.
  • Your physician may request dynamic MRI liver with elastography test to get a better detailed assessment of any possible liver masses and to detect new tiny masses.
  • Patient should be fasting for 4-6 hours before the MRI scan
  • MR elastography is a novel technique that scans the whole liver in less than 1 minute
  • You will lay comfortably on MRI table while the nurse places MRI probe over your abdomen, you might feel light vibrations at the probe site while the scanning is done.
    1. The examination is quick and done safely using magnetic waves even for children without the need of contrast injecting
  • The exam is done on one of the latest machines produced by GE at our new cairo branch.

Only if you are going to do dynamic MRI liver with the MR elastography, we recommend you continue drinking plenty of fluid after the examination, as it helps washing out the iv-contrast material out of your body, except if you are on fluid balance for renal or cardiac condition; then please review your physician in that matter .

– If you are a nursing mother , you might be advised to escape lactation for 24h after contrast injection