Meckel’s scan

Detection of Meckel’s diverticulum containing heterotopic gastric mucosa
Neonates, infants and childern with unexplained lower GIT bleeding (Hematochezia).

No Absolute contraindication however Baruim studies, colonoscopy, endoscopy, enames and laxitives should not be done for several days before the examination.Potassuim perchlorateActive bleeding.

Blood in stool.RBCs labelled studiesAngiography.Colonscopy and/or endoscopy
Fasting 3-4 hours before study.Void before study and after study.Pretreatment options may be used to increase sensitivty as using Cimetidine 20mg/kg orally starting 24 hour before study and last taken 1 hour before study.

IV Cannula will be inserted for tracer injection.Radioactive material (Tc-99m pertechnetate, 0.05mCI/kg) will be injected.patient lie on spine on his back with open sided gamma camera two heads over abdomin and pelvis to include stomach and urianry bladder in field of veiw.Another Images will be acquired 120,180 and may be 240 minutes after injection.Dynamic images for 1 minute with frame rate 1 image every 1 second then dynamic images for 30 minutes with frame rate 1 image every min.Static images anterior, anterior oblique and lateral images at end of dynamic images .

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Drinking much water and fluid for washout of the tracer.Potassuim perchlorate may be used to decrease thyroid uptake.