Gallium-67 Citrate Scintigraphy

Helps to differentiate between osseous osteoblastic activity and active infective process.
Patients with clinical suspicion of: Prosthetic joint infections. (hips, knees…).Acute or chronic osteomyelitis. Malignant Otitis Externa. (an invasive bacterial infection that involves the external auditory canal and skull base).
Gallium-67 citrate scintigraphy is done as a complementary scan to Tc-99m MDP triphasic bone scan. Other anatomical diagnostic modalities (e.g. CT, MRI, X-rays) of the region of interest as well as laboratory investigations (e.g. CBC, CRP) should be delivered for review before Gallium-67 scan.
No specific preparations needed.
On arrival, the patient’s medical history is taken. 4-6 mCi of Gallium-67 citrate is administered intravenously. Image acquision may include regional, whole-body, planar and SPECT scintigrams or any combination, based on clinical data; performed after 6 hours and after 24 hours from injection. Pediatric dose is calculated based on body weight.
The examination is done by a state of the art Gamma Camera machines (produced by Philips and GE) at Mohandeseen, Heliopolis and New Cairo branches.
Patients should stay away from children (less than 12 years of age) and pregnant ladies, for at least 72 hours starting after injection of the radiotracer.