Dental and Maxillofacial

2D Digital Imaging

  1. Digital Panoramic Radiograph
  2. Digital TMJ lateral tomogram (Open/Closed)
  3. Digital Cephalometric Radiograph
    1. Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph with soft tissue profile
    2. Postero-anterior Cephalometric Radiograph


3D Imaging

  1. CBCT
  2. Face scanning (3D face photo)

Digital Panoramic Radiograph​

Panoramic Radiograph allows examination of upper and lower jaws.

It is useful in assessment of unerupted wisdom teeth, TMJ, before orthodontic treatment and preliminary evaluation of the teeth and jaw bone.

Digital TMJ lateral tomogram (Open/Closed)

TMJ lateral tomogram allows examination of the bony components of the joint in both closed and open mouth positions.

Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph with soft tissue profile

This radiograph is used for patient assessment before orthodontic treatment.

Postero-anterior Cephalometric Radiograph

This radiograph is needed for growth comparison between right and left sides of patient.


CBCT allows examination of patient in the 3 dinemsions which improves the accuracy of diagnosis and improves the success of treatment plan.

CBCT is helpful in dental implant planning, root canal treatmnet, abscess detection and TMJ examination.

Face scanning (3D face photo)

3D face photo is taken alone or with CBCT to add a 4th dimension to the examination.