CT Virtual Gastroscopy (CT gastrography)

  • Early detection of gastric cancer.
  • To examine some other gastric diseases, e.g. hiatus hernia, polyps and ulcers.
  • Assessment of the stomach after surgery.
  • Assessment of the volume of the gastric pouch after bariatric surgery.
  • Unlike conventional endoscopy, which needs a scope to be inserted into your stomach, virtual colonoscopy uses a CT scan to provide cross-sectional images of your stomach. The images then digitally manipulated to offer an in depth view of the inside of the stomach.
  • Patients with suspected gastric masses.
  • Patients who underwent gastric bariatric surgery.
  • This procedure should not be performed if you are or might be pregnant.
  • Fasting at least 8 hours
  • Before scanning, you will be asked to intake effervescent granules with a small amount of water orally to distend the stomach.
  • You will be scanned initially lying on your back and then you’ll turn over to lie on your abdomen and you will be scanned again.
  • You will be asked to hold your breath during each scan for about 20 seconds.
  • The entire examination is usually completed within 15 minutes
The exam is done on one of the latest Multislice CT machines from GE, SIEMENS & PHILIPS in Alfa scan branches
  • You can resume your usual activities after your virtual colonoscopy

Virtual gastroscopy is generally safe. Risks include:

  • A small risk of causing a tear in the stomach.
  • Exposure to a low level of radiation.